03 Apr


NATURAL FORCE is fluid PROTEIC CONCENTRATE COMPLETELY by VEGETABLE ORIGIN obtained from enzymatic hydrolysis on fruit and cereals. Compared to animal protein hydrolysts, NATURAL FORCE has not limitation use, in fact it can also be applied on edible plant parts like fruits.   Where does come from NATURAL FORCE energy? The NATURAL FORCE energy comes…

26 Mar


CLEANCLASTER has been presented to Agri Aggiorna channel whose main focus is to broadcast technological innovation in agriculture. Marco Betti is interview protagonist, CLEANCLASTER IS THE  INNOVATION PROTAGONIST IN AGRICULTURE. Looking  the Marco Betti interview for discover CLEANCLASTER’s innovation.     In  Italian market CLEANCLASTER is an adjuvant for systemic herbicides. CLEANCLASTER based by Magnesium Phosphonate…

31 May

GLUMA KEY: The key to increase the Brix degrees

Glucoumates improve sugar synthesis The productions are evaluated according to some important quality parameters such as: coloring, size, acidity and Brix degrees. The key for increase Brix degrees is called GLUMA KEY. GLUMA KEY is a potassium formulation reacted with fulvic and humic acids with gluconic acid by particular reaction process. These elements combine for…
18 May

NATURAL FORCE the future of plant biostimulant

The future of plant biostimulant Natural force is plant-based biostimulant that can improve the crop production, it’s characterized by the presence of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, low molecular weight peptone, vitamins and vegetable amino acids.   What makes natural force unique? Natural force is the only plant-based biostimulant that can authorized in organic farming. Natural force…
04 May

The solution to drought problems

The solution to drought problems Water is a fundamental resource in agriculture but geography, high temperatures and rain scarcity influences the water availability. How can increase water efficiency in unfavorable  weather condition or in presence of water scarcity? The solution is MICROSEED WR.   MICROSEED WR is the only microgranular fertilizer that containing an innovative plant-based polymer…
26 Apr

EURO TSA was in SIAM 2017

MICROSEED WR, NATURAL FORCE, ACTICLASTER and CLEANCLASTER have attracting the attention of Moroccan farmers EURO TSA participated at SIAM 18 to 23 April 2017 into the AGROFORNITURE POLE at STAND N ° A149.. During the fair, Natural Force, Cleanclaster, Acticlaster and Microseed WR have attracting the attention of Moroccan farmers. Which is whay these products have…
14 Apr

EURO TSA will participate at SIAM 2017

Come and visit us at AGROFORNITURE POLE at STAND N ° A149 EURO TSA has the honor to announce that will attend the prestigious exhibition SALON INTERNATIONAL DE L'AGRICULTURE AU MAROC (SIAM) to be held in Meknes (Morocco) from 18 to April 2017.   Come and visit us at AGROFORNITURE POLE at STAND N °…
12 Apr


Pest management environmentally friendly: prevention is essential for grapes quality Like every year EURO TSA offers the "sustainable pest management program" which ACTICLASTER is the real protagonist. What is ACTICLASTER?   ACTICLASTER is a liquid formulation based by CLASTER TECHNOLOGY an innovative formulation that containing: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, gluconic acids, oligosaccharides, which allows: 1. Promote…
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